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Introduction To Brighton College

Brighton College is very highly rated when it comes to England’s co-educational boarding schools with a pass rate in 2017 of 76.74% A + A* grades for A Levels . The College consistently not only achieves the best A-level and GCSE results of any co-educational school in England but also provides students with various extra-curricular activities to choose from.

A UK Boarding School That Prizes Students’ Individual Talents

Students are regarded as distinct individuals and are provided with a lively, motivating and encouraging environment. Being a leader in innovation, the school has introduced a new humanities programme ‘Story of Our Land’, an entrepreneurship course, a ‘How to…’ life skills course, and has enforced Mandarin as a compulsory course for all junior students. The College also includes courses on public speaking and presentation skills within the curriculum for younger students, while a history and international Relations course has been made compulsory for all sixth formers. Hailed as the ‘UK Independent School of the Year 2013/14’ at the Independent Schools Awards and described as ‘Britain’s most forward-thinking school’ by The Week, Brighton continues to excel in the field of UK Boarding Schools.

Boarding Atmosphere at Brighton College

As one of the leading boarding schools in the UK, Brighton College has a very active boarding community and top notch facilities. A fifth boarding house was opened in 2012 which is within the Woolton Quad and is named the Simon Smith Building, after a long-serving Second Master who retired in 2011. This space boasts a health centre, expansive social space, offices, an internet café, common room, staff workroom & even an outdoor seating & performance area. Due to the Brighton College’s seaside location, full-time boarders can enjoy weekend trips and activities and the college is a short distance from London, England’s world famous capital city, which is also a draw for students. This UK boarding school also has a remarkable pastoral framework and the cozy yet modern boarding houses provide a real ‘at home’ atmosphere. Brighton College also merged with Handcross Park Prep School way back in 2011 allowing applicants between 11-13 years old to board before joining Brighton.

Academic Results at Brighton College

Brighton has attained some of the best academic results of any co-educational boarding school in England during the past four years. It is also the only Sussex school included in the UK top 100 list. 97.1% of A-level grades were A* to B, and 91.1% of GCSE grades were A* or A in 2016. in 2017, the pass rate was 76.74% A + A* grades for A Levels Brighton reached a high point in 2015/16 when 39 pupils earned an offer from either Oxford or Cambridge. The Independent Schools Inspectorate also awarded Brighton College the highest possible mark for all criteria with a rare ‘Exceptional’ for Achievement and Learning back in 2015.

Arts and Recreation at Brighton College

Brighton College is a English boarding school well known for excellence in the field of sports. Many students have played in the national team for cricket, football, rugby, and netball. Other sports such as hockey, tennis, and volleyball are also available at Brighton. Students may also take part in drama productions that are staged every year. For the dance enthusiasts there is a Dance Club where ballroom, street-dance, tap, ballet, modern and jazz are also taught. A cutting edge, modern recording studio and an impressive recital hall are also features of the new Music School which opened in 2015.

Entrance Requirements: 

Nursery & Pre-Prep School (3+ to 7+) The first major intake point into the pre-prep school is at age 3, into our Nursery. Each year, two classes are admitted; children start with us in the autumn term following their third birthday. A limited number of places are available for entry to Reception, at age 4. Our next main intake point is usually at age 6, into Year 2, with further places sometimes available for entry into Year 3. Places may be available outside these key entry points: do contact us for further details. Prep School (8+ to 10+) Subject to places being available, children may join Brighton College Prep School in Years 4, 5 or 6, and they remain in the school until the end of Year 8. Only day pupils are accepted, as there is no boarding at the prep school. The main intake point into the prep school is at age 8 into Year 4, though places are usually available also for Year 5 and sometimes Year 6. Admission to all year groups is on the basis of assessments in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. Please note that 11+ entry to Brighton is directly into the College's Lower School and not to the prep school. The College (11+) Each year, two classes are admitted at the age of 11 to join the Lower School, which caters for about 80 children in Years 7 and 8. Admission is on the basis of assessment in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning, alongside a short interview. Registration is recommended as soon as possible and at least one year prior to entry. The College (13+) Year 9 is the main intake point for entry into Brighton College and, as such, registration is required as soon as possible and at least three years prior to entry. Entry into Year 9 is either through the Common Entrance (CE) or Academic Scholarship examination in the June of the year of entry, or, for pupils who do not attend a CE school, through the Brighton College entry assessments. The College (16+) Admission to our Sixth Form is on the basis of interviews with senior teachers, alongside assessments in Verbal Reasoning, English and Maths and a General paper assessing aptitudes in scientific reasoning, logic and writing.  Results from assessments and interviews will be considered alongside a confidential reference and predicted GCSE grades which will be requested from the pupil's current school prior to assessment.  Registration is normally one year prior to entry. Please note that registrations for pupils at a UK School for entry in September 2019 will close on Monday 29th October 2018. The College (Overseas Applications) Boarding places are available from Year 9 upwards at the College and from Year 4 at our Junior School, Handcross Park Prep School. We accept day applications from overseas pupils for each point of entry. Places at the College and at Handcross Park Prep School are offered on the basis of assessment in English as an Additional Language, alongside our standard entry assessment papers. Registration is normally one year prior to entry.

Scholarships & Bursaries: 

Brighton College seeks to reward children of exceptional ability with Scholarships and Exhibitions to the College. All awards are offered as monetary amounts per annum, and will normally remain with the pupil until they leave the College, or as otherwise defined below. Scholars and exhibitioners are expected to maintain the standards of excellence against which the award is offered throughout their time at the College. Candidates can be considered for up to three scholarship awards. This excludes the Millennium Scholarship, which is a stand-alone award and cannot be held, or applied for in conjunction with any other award. The only exception is for candidates who are being prepared to sit the Common Academic Scholarship examinations. Candidates who are offered both a Millennium and an Academic award will be asked to choose which award they would like to accept. All awards made at 13+ will be conditional on a satisfactory standard being shown in the Common Entrance or Common Academic Scholarship examinations (where relevant).

Place in top 100: 


Brighton College, Eastern Road, Brighton BN2 0AL

Foundation Stage 1
Full Year Tuition Fees - 49,907
Autumn Term - 19,963
Spring Term - 14,972
Summer Term - 14,972

Foundation Stage 2
Full Year Tuition Fees - 49,907
Autumn Term - 19,963
Spring Term - 14,972
Summer Term - 14,972

 Year 1 to Year 2
Full Year Tuition Fees - 59,073
Autumn Term - 23,629
Spring Term - 17,722
Summer Term -17,722

Year 3 to Year 5
Full Year Tuition Fees - 62,000
Autumn Term - 24,800
Spring Term -18,600
Summer Term -18,600

Year 6 to Year 8
Full Year Tuition Fees - 64,722
Autumn Term - 25,889
Spring Term -19,417
Summer Term -19,417

Year 9
Full Year Tuition Fees - 72,680
Autumn Term - 29,072
Spring Term -21,804
Summer Term -21,804

Year 10 to Year 12
Full Year Tuition Fees -76,314
Autumn Term - 30,526
Spring Term -22,894
Summer Term -22,894

Year 13
Full Year Tuition Fees -79,000
Autumn Term - 31,600
Spring Term -23,700
Summer Term - 23,700

Accommodations are not retroactive. Requests that are approved are received after the course start date and will be effective as of the date appropriate documentation and the completed request form were received by Accommodation Department. Documentation for permanent disabilities remains on file with Accommodations. The documentation is treated confidential and is kept on file in Student Account for verification purposes only.

Notify Accommodations Department of changes in schedule that may occur during your program of study to ensure accommodations are ready. If you withdraw or are suspended, you must contact Accommodations upon return to re-establish accommodations. To continue receiving accommodations, you are required to complete a new Accommodation Request Form when the terms of agreement has expired on your contract.

Brighton College can grant temporary accommodations for unexpected or inevitable medical issues, such as major surgery or hospitalization. Upon approval, accommodations will be in place for the remainder of the current course; additional documentation will be requested to extend services.

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