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Located fifteen miles from Central London and within a gorgeous 84 acre of land, with the original red bricks of St Luke’s Chapel and other untouched Victorian buildings, the physical structure of this UK boarding school stands as a testimony to the depth of Epsom education offered to 810 male and female students between the ages of 11 to 18.

Epsom College aims for students to live joyful and contented lives. Its goal is to help them discover a passion close to their hearts and develop a curiosity and respect for other people from different walks of life whilst seizing opportunities that may help them succeed.

Integrated Curriculum

Epsom College acknowledges the pupils’ individuality and the unique ways in which they learn, gain experience and succeed. The college recognizes extracurricular activities in improving personalities as well as the fact that dedication and attention can change pupils and mold them into becoming the best adults. The entire syllabus of the College not only provides academic excellence but also offers a venue for children to discover the life of sports, drama, and sociology and embrace the world of outdoor camping, travel, and fun.

Optimizing Possibilities

Epsom College was founded by Dr. John Propert in 1855 to cater the male children of physicians to an education that strengthens their personality. Fast forward to the present, the College still continues to uphold and promote the creativity, physical and spiritual health, and intellectual acuity of its students. The core values set by its founder is carried on as students are prepared for a life in the outside world with the hope that they will create an impact and leave their footprints globally.

Epsom Community

The Epsom community is composed of 720 boys and girls who live in close proximity to the staff within the College campus. Collectively, they form an assimilated group whose strength is within its value for acceptance, respect for authority and appreciation of others.

House System

This UK Boarding School takes pride in its intimate House System. Each student is a member of a House that is being governed by a Housemaster or Housemistress and assisted by a group of qualified tutors who are always ready to extend help to any of the students. This approach assures that each student will be given the necessary counsel and aid needed.

Further assistance is given by Matrons and certified nursing professionals are available at the Medical Centre in case medical assistance is required. Pastors and Guidance Counsellors are also available for spiritual advice.

Epsom’s long-lived practices of providing education and boarding arrangements to students within the structured community of a UK Boarding School ensures a better way to supervise students as compared to that of a day school. Pupils gain respect for other people, learn self-sufficiency and develop self-confidence whilst boarding by the week provides a constant connection between school and home for dynamic families.

Entrance Requirements: 

Epsom is an academically selective school; however a more accurate description is of a school that believes in the breadth of an education. Choosing a new school can be a difficult but rewarding task, but at Epsom we make our Admissions process less stressful because we build on trust and partnership with feeder schools rather than relying upon impersonal, competitive pretesting alone. This is supported by our highly effective Transition Programme. Only too aware of how challenging the transition from a junior to senior school can be for both pupils and parents, the College has put in place a unique programme dedicated to the social and educational welfare of its new pupils. The College has created a helpful document which leads you through the steps in the admission process from registration through to assessments and scholarships, then on to an offer of a place. It highlights the different procedures for entrance at 11+, 13+, 16+ and for our international students. Therefore we would like you to click on the link below to learn more about how your child or ward may join the happy and thriving Epsom community.

Scholarships & Bursaries: 

A Scholarship is a major award for excellence in academic study, the arts or sport. An Exhibition is a minor award given to those who also demonstrate a high level of potential but who are not quite of scholarship standard. Boys and girls holding awards invariably go on to contribute much to school life throughout their time at the College and the school community holds them in high regard. For a lot of people, an award serves mainly as an acknowledgement of their achievements; for others, an award is a way to securing more important financial support via a Bursary.
Over recent years, Epsom College has reviewed the value of non-means-tested Scholarships and Awards, which can now be worth between £750 and £6,000 per year.

Place in top 100: 


Epsom College is 15 miles from London with easy access to Heathrow and Gatwick airports
By Road: The most direct route is via Junction 9 of the M25 Motorway, 3 miles away.

By Train: There is a regular train service from Victoria and Waterloo to Epsom mainline station with easy links to Sutton / Cheam / Dorking. There is a train from South Croydon / Purley / Kingswood to Tattenham Corner and from Wallington to Epsom Downs.

By Bus: 166 passes the College gates. The route includes: West Croydon / South Croydon / Coulsdon / Chipstead Valley / Woodmansterne / Banstead / Epsom.

Registration Fees (Non-Refundable):
UK Resident £100
Overseas Resident £150
Confirmation of Entry Fee:

Parents resident in UK: £3,000 (£2,000 of the Confirmation Fee will be offset against the first term's fees).
Parents resident overseas: £3,000 (£2,000 of the Confirmation Fee will be offset against the first term's fees). In addition, a further Fee Deposit of £8,000 will be payable by the start of the Summer Term prior to entry and will be offset against the first term's fees).
Termly Fees for Senior School 2018/19:
Full Boarding £12,421
Weekly Boarding £11,283
Day Pupils £8,422
Termly Fees for Lower School 2018/19:
Day Pupils £6,255

School fees are payable termly in advance, usually seven working days before the first day of term. The College encourages payment by Direct Debit, either termly or monthly. The monthly scheme provides a facility to spread payment of the annual fees in equal installments over 10 months.

These fees cover the normal cost of a pupil's education. Extras such as examination fees, music lessons, private tuition, field courses, certain CCF charges, theatre tickets, holiday trips, social events and some activities are charged termly. Stationery and books are provided, as is laundry for boarders.
School Fees in Advance Scheme
The College operates its own School Fees in Advance Scheme, which offers attractive returns and enables a parent, grandparents or anyone wishing to make provision for a child's education to pay over a lump sum, which is then used for the payment of College fees in future years.

By paying a lump sum in advance of a pupil's entry to Epsom College, it is possible to show a significant saving, depending on interest rates at the time of payment and the length of time before entry to the College. The enhancement on the lump sum is used to pay school fees, thus effectively earning a discount on the fees.
Payment in this way does not guarantee a place in the College.

The boarding environment at Epsom encourages pupils to live their lives to the full in as many spheres as possible, allowing individuality and independence to flourish.
All Boarding Houses have excellent facilities and benefit from a continuous process of refurbishment. They are designed to be homely and comfortable and also offer up-to-date facilities such as Wi-Fi, IT suites, games rooms, modern furniture and fitted kitchens.
For those who stay at weekends, a wide range of activities is provided, from themed dinner parties and theatre visits to trips to central London, which is only 30 minutes away by train.
Boarders have access to a well-staffed Medical Centre, which is staffed 24 hours a day by trained nurses. Doctors from a local practice hold surgeries at the College five mornings a week. Boarders also have access to a school counselling service and the College Chaplain.
Busy family lives and the increasing need for working parents to travel means that a boarding school, which provides a stable educational environment and a relaxed and friendly home from home, is invaluable. At Epsom, families can choose a boarding option that suits their lifestyle, with either full or weekly boarding available.

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